Learning to live together

Learning to live together

Professor Jonathan Jansen (Rector and Vice-Chancel lor of the University of the Free State and SA Holocaust & Genocide Foundation Patron) facilitated a session at the Cape Town Holocaust Centre on 4 October as part of a workshop entitled Learning to Live Together.

Forty-four Grade 11 learners with distinct leadership potential were selected to participate in this highly successful one-day programme. The learners came from schools across Cape Town — Harold Cressy, Gardens Commercial High, Pinelands High, Herzlia High, Rylands High, Deutsche Schule and SACS.

The aims and objectives of the programme were to sensitise young people to the consequences of prejudice, racism and discrimination, break down stereotypes, promote harmonious relationships and encourage social activism. Throughout the programme, activities were designed to create opportunities for self-reflection and meaningful dialogue.

The success of the programme is reflected in comments extracted from the evaluation forms completed by accompanying educators and learners:

Educator’s comment:
This was a fabulous programme. I wish more of our school leadership team could experience it. It has given our school (and me) such a wonderful opportunity for growth. Professor Jansen made some amazing observations that are so relevant to contemporary society.

Learners’ comments:
A fantastic programme! It was an enriching experience that helped me to appreciate and understand diversity, reflect on my own prejudices, and respond appropriately to unfair treatment of others. It has definitely added to my leadership skills. (Herzlia High)

An enlightening and exceptional experience that helped us to reflect on our apartheid history. I hope more learners will have an opportunity to attend this programme so they too can become enlightened. (Gardens Commercial High)

This programme was great. I learnt so much about issues I never really thought about, and to understand and get to know people whom I had never met. I wish more learners could attend a programme like this as it would help them to become better people — just as it has helped me. (Harold Cressy)