Bnoth Zion WIZO Campaign ‘turns lives around

Bnoth Zion WIZO launched its 2014/2015 Women’s Biennial Zionist Campaign ‘Turn a Life Around’ at the President Hotel on Sunday 11 May.

Our campaign emissary was the fascinating Dr Bernd Wollschlaeger. He is the son of a Nazi officer but changed his destiny by converting to Judaism and immigrating to Israel. He told the intriguing story of his youth and subsequent journey to form a new identity, make peace with the past and bring his message of tolerance and activism to others. The audience was visibly moved by his powerful address. WIZO members believe in the future of our people and the State of Israel, and will continue to help create and support the social, welfare and educational institutions that are the foundation of Israeli society. Your contribution will help WIZO to ‘ Turn a Life Around’ and demonstrate our love for Eretz Israel by preserving the past, providing for the present and guaranteeing the future.

We appreciate the commitment of our Campaign Benefactor Sheila Samson and our Campaign Patrons: Wendy Ackerman, Kathy Ackerman Robins, Suzanne Ackerman Berman, Ida Broll, Franki Cohen, Mathy Danon, Shelley Friedman, Dominique Gamsu, Patsy Groll, Lynne Hirsch, Tamar Lazarus, Myrna Lipworth, Linda Saban, Dorothy Sank, Bella Silverman, Ann Sussman, Dianna Yach, Estelle Yach, top donors and each and every contributor.

Grateful thanks to our Campaign sponsors: The George Elkin Charity Trust; Graham & Rhona Beck Foundation; Shira Chadasha Charitable Foundation; Leo Singer Charity Trust, Benny Rabinowitz; Cohen Trust; Eliot Osrin; The Clarendon — Bantry Bay; Ida & Jonathan Broll, and Linda & Asher Saban.

Dr Bernd Wollschlaeger is a shining example of a person who turned his life around. Each and every one of us can play a meaningful and participative role, ensuring a bright and promising future for the people of Israel.

Please contact WIZO office to pledge your contribution.