Glendale: Our changing world

Glendale: Our changing world

Change affects our lives every day in every way.

For most of us, change happens in stages with lots of time to think about things, question things and reach acceptance and understanding.

For the most part we handle change in four stages. First we deny that change is needed. Second we challenge the need for the change and the mechanism by which change is being driven. Thirdly we bargain with the agents of change to see if there are concessions that can be made or if aspects of the change can be avoided. Finally we accept and embrace the change.

These steps — true for us all — are also true for the changes we are going through at Glendale.

Thank you to everyone: family members, relatives and friends of the residents; fee earning professionals and those providing pro bono services; contractors and volunteers. Your continued efforts and energy are helping us navigate through the changes at Glendale.

So, how is everyone at Glendale managing change? We are speaking about it. We are sharing the things that excite us. We are disagreeing about things we feel are important and that we share differing views on. We are improving our style of communication.

At the end of the day — we are reaching consensus on the important issues. Important issues relate to respect. Important issues relate to dignity. Important issues relate to appropriate support and care. We invite you to partner with us on this journey of change at Glendale.


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