Summer camp in Jerusalem

Telfed is concerned with building a stronger Jewish future and so they cannot afford to ignore those in need.

This year, for the third year in a row, TECI (Telfed Ethiopian Community Initiative), in conjunction with the Mauerberger Foundation Fund has sponsored a group of Ethiopian families comprising 44 individuals to enable them to attend YAHALOM’s Family Summer Camps which provide a rare opportunity for minority Ethiopian, Russian-speaking, Yemenite and other Israeli families to share an intensive Jewish family experience in Jerusalem. Many of the families who attend are from under- privileged backgrounds and would never otherwise be exposed to the experiences the camp offers. The annual YAHALOM summer camps, run by ex-Capetonian Derek Perlman, focuses on Zionism, Israeli history, Jewish culture and values, whilst strengthening relationships between parents, children and siblings.

Mel Cohen, Chairman of the TELFED Ethiopian Community Initiative, said “It is very rewarding to see how parents and children can bond together by developing common interests through the programme. The multi-cultural groups of participants thrive by sharing their different customs and attitudes. TELFED can be proud of the role it is playing in strengthening Israeli society, whilst providing ex Southern African Olim an opportunity to contribute to the process.”

At the request of the participants, a group has been established for women interested in further study and personal development. They meet at three week intervals and are working towards spreading their newly acquired knowledge and skills amongst their local community

Building a secure Jewish future is no simple task: by focusing on educating and supporting the younger generation, whilst bolstering the underprivileged , Telfed continues to endorse meaningful community change.


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