BZA WIZO – Women’s Biennial Campaign

Dynamic young Israeli social entrepreneur Adi Altschuler helped launch BZA WIZO’s 2016/2017 Women’s Biennial Campaign at the Hellenic club on 19 June.

The large turnout of interested and enthusiastic attendees weren’t deterred by the midwinter rainy weather and Adi charmed the audience with her an high energy presentation outlining the unique social entrepreneurial ventures she has initiated in Israel, earning her the accolade of a nomination as one of Time Magazine’s top young achievers.

Her Krembo Wings movement provided a venue for kids with special needs and her idea has grown into a youth movement with 48 branches across the spectrum of Israeli, Israeli-Arab and Druze population. ‘Memories at Home’ has grown into a movement that.

She said that being a social entrepreneur means giving a gift to the world and the world and the world and the world and a self-sufficient programme.

Her next venture created an opportunity for all Israelis to memorialise the Holocaust small gatherings in private homes. Z i c h a r o n Basalon ‘Memories at Home’ has grown into a movement that now hosts a half a million attendees honouring Yom HaShoah in personal, meaningful ceremonies. Adi presented her idea of the principles necessary for initiating social change — the identification of a ‘need’, the setting of the ‘vision’, facilitating and organising information through the use of search engines such as Google and making the information accessible to everyone and then ‘jumping in’, finding others who are similarly driven by the idea and finally realising that it’s not about ‘you’ and it’s not ‘yours’. She said that we ourselves are the channels for creating change and spoke of the wonderful work that WIZO does in creating improvement and change in Israeli society.

On behalf of Moonyeen Castle, President of WIZO South Africa, Tamar Lazarus thanked Adi and encouraged all WIZO members to pledge their support for the important and potentially life changing WIZO facilities that improve the lives of women and children of Israel.

Tamara Lazarus and Adi Altshhuler
Tamara Lazarus and Adi Altshhuler


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