Herzlia Matric Dance 2016

Herzlia Matric Dance 2016


Headmaster, Herzlia High School

Herzlia Matric Dance 2016

Herzlia Matric Dance 2016

The Matric year is, for many people, the end of one’s time at school. Of course this is true, but it is also that it is the beginning of adult life for these young people. In a few shorts months all the rules and the regulations that have governed their lives: the ringing of bells, the nagging by teachers (and perhaps, by parents), the school bags of books, parent/teacher meetings and endless “do nots” and “dos” will be replaced by heady freedom.

Perhaps there most obvious sign of this coming freedom is the Matric Dance when these school pupils emerge, like so many butterflies as beautiful, independent  and self-assured, confident young adults ready to  take up their place and to make their world a better one than they found it. It is a handing over of trust to them and to the next generation. It happens every year and every time it happens it is a moving and encouraging experience.

This year our pupils were beautiful and confident and looked the part: ready to take up their place in the world. Assured in the gorgeous surroundings of the decorated hall and in all the colours of youth and strength.

Well done to all those who made this event possible: the parent body who collected so much of the necessary funds and to Ms Di Dos Santos and her committee who worked so hard on this important rite of passage for these young people.

We hope that you enjoy this special Matric Dance 2016 feature; a taste of ‘Winter wonderland’. As our Matric class of 2016 embark on the next chapter of their young lives, we hope that their Matric Dance will remain an enduring memory and highlight of their school career at HERZLIA.

We would like to thank Merie Rubin for her magnificent catering. Our Multi-purpose Hall was transformed into a Winter Wonderland by Steve Summerville of That’s Amazing and Mani of RDA Events. Thank you also to Banks Hiring. Music was provided my Brynn Farrow and G Stander. The photos on the following spreads are courtesy of Shawn Benjamin of Ark Images (www.arkimages.com) and Micha Serraf of TheCapeTownPhotographer.com


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