Diller Teen Fellows Programme May Update

By Lee Lobel – Programme Co-ordinator

Unexpected experiences of my life. Leading up to JCM, I was incredibly nervous about whom I’d be paired up with and if I’d actually be able to make some sort of connection with random people from such a different and far away part of the world. I was honestly, blown away by how similar we all were and how quickly we developed such tight bonds. Aside from the people, the new ideas I was exposed to during JCM, within my own community, really opened my eyes and helped me feel a whole new appreciation for our community. It’s been real.” Rachel Musikanth

“JCM was a truly amazing and eye opening experience. We were presented with workshops which were thought-provoking, challenging and also fun. I learnt so much about various topics, such as Israeli culture, Judaism and even myself. It was an experience I will never forget!” Lauren Hirsch.


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