HABONIM DROR May Highlights

June is an exciting month for the Habonim family

We’re getting ready to send off a group of Grade 10s from across the country on our Shorashim tour to Israel. A packed bus of 50 channichim from both Cape Town and Johannesburg leave on 28 June for a tour filled with the best education and sightseeing Israel has to offer. The tour has continued to grow and develop in accordance with the aim of giving Grade 10s exactly what they need in order to have a meaningful and engaged relationship with Israel.

In May our Shnat gap year program enjoyed various large occasions in the Israeli and Global calendar like the annual May Day march, Yom Ha’atzmaut parties and other ceremonial events. They are preparing for the end of their four-month stay at HaMachon Lemadrachei Chutz Le’Artz (The institute for youth leaders from abroad) which has lead them on an inspiring process of grappling with their Jewish and Zionist identities. They look forward to a small holiday followed by experiences on Habonim Dror Kibbutz Yizreel as well as an experience of inner-city living and volunteering!

Our Channichim and Bogrim events in Cape Town have been exciting as well with our latest, the Chocolate Seder, bringing together children from Grades 3 — 6 for a night of fun as we retell our Exodus from Egypt in the best way possible — with a lot of chocolate!

We have also released our Machaneh dates for 2017. The annual summer camp will take place from the 8 – 27 December. We’re excited to see you there. Follow our social media for the latest news and updates.


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