Furry friends, challah bakes and chag celebrations!

This year is flying by, but we at Glendale are making the most of every moment…

Every month, the Glendale residents look forward to spending some time with their favourite, four-legged furry friends from Paw Pals! This wonderful initiative gives our residents the chance to interact with trained therapy dogs, and it’s truly heart-warming to see the special connections that have been made. Spending time with the animals has had such a positive impact on our residents’ lives — and it’s wonderful how engaged even our most reserved residents become when dogs like Rover and Lassie come to visit. Look out for more Glendale news coming soon.

Back in the Glendale kitchen, our challah baking club has started up again. Not only are our residents baking their own challot for Shabbat dinners, but every Tuesday our kitchen helpers get the chance to learn some new baking skills. From biscuits to banana muffins and macaroons to crunchies — the residents love putting their new skills to the test. (And they get to enjoy their own creations for tea as well.) These fun kitchen activities are facilitated by our Glendale OT and activity assistants and, while our residents might not be the neatest bakers, the results are always delicious.

Our outing itinerary is still going strong with our next visit planned to the Iziko South African Museum. Our residents are especially excited for this trip, as some of them have never been before and can’t wait to see everything they’ve been hearing about — from the dinosaur bones to the whales and so much more!

We at Glendale also recently enjoyed celebrating the festival of Shavuot. Our residents were delighted to be invited to the Claremont Shul and thoroughly enjoyed some of the traditional dishes, such as cheese blintzes, cheesecake, and homemade cakes. Of course, celebrating the chagim has always been an integral part of life at Glendale and we love that our residents are always looking forward to the next chag celebration.


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