Progressive leaders gather in Israel

Temple Israel sent a strong delegation to the Biennial gathering of the leadership of the World Union for Progressive Judaism, representing more than 1.8 million Jews across the world.

450 delegates, including more than 50 Rabbis, over 100 young adults and top lay leaders from 30 countries studied and prayed together, sharing ideas, successes and building networks across the globe.

For many, coming together and magnifying our voices through prayer, learning and song encapsulated the heart and soul of our movement. Highlights included talks by leading Israeli politicians and business leaders, the bat mitzvah of 13 Brazilian women at the kotel, dancing and singing with over 1000 people at the Kabbalat Shabbat service at the Tahana Rishona, First Train Station in the German Colony and Shabbat morning overlooking the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem.


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