An extraordinary annual event

One to One is an incredible communal event, running since 1981, at which organisations and individuals are given the opportunity to interact with some 3000 mentally and physically challenged people, who pour into the centre for a day of fun activities and prizes. Organisations across the spectrum participate and set up stalls, each aimed at bringing joy and laughter into the lives of the visitors.

Many Jewish organisations support this event each year; The Hebrew Order of David, Jewish Board of Deputies, Herzlia, Phyllis Jowell, The UJW, JCS and SAUJS to name a few.

More and more organisations are getting involved and they come from all parts of Cape Town. We chatted to convener Albert Glass about One to One:

CJC: What are the biggest challenges in putting together the One to One event?
AG: There are two big challenges. Securing a large enough venue and sponsorship support. Meeting the costs of the day is a huge challenge for us.

Whilst participating organisations pay a stall levy, it can’t be so expensive so as to exclude organisations from participating. Behind the scenes sponsor support is vital.
CJC: What gives you the most satisfaction when you look back on the event?
AG: That people and organisations who are all so different in culture and focus can transcend their differences to focus on Cape Town’s ‘special people’.

To witness smiles and squeals of joy and excitement despite severe disabilities in some cases makes it all worthwhile.

The other satisfaction is that of the cooperation and camaraderie and friendship with so many people from so many different walks of life.


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