Making a difference — Madiba style!

Violet Passigli with one of her beautiful creations

Our Glendale residents have really been putting themselves out there this year

On 18 July, people around the world once again came together to celebrate Tata Mandela and show their support by spending at least 67 minutes doing good for their communities.

And, of course, our residents were no exception! In the true Glendale spirit of kindness and giving back, our residents got together to prepare and pack sandwiches. After which they had the chance to visit the Haven Night Shelter where they proudly handed out the sandwiches they had made themselves to some very grateful recipients. It was an incredibly special day for everyone involved and it was amazing to see our residents embrace the opportunity to take part in such an amazing cause.

In other exciting news, we are also trialling a new supported employment program for our residents, and it already appears to be having a positive effect! Since the beginning of June, Jonathan Pick has been going to work five days a week at our local Kwik Spar, where his responsibilities include packing shelves, filling stock, greeting customers and helping out wherever he can. Although a little tentative at first, Jonathan initially went to work with Cole, our OT or various carers, but over the past few weeks he’s been managing just fine on his own and does a great job on every shift. It’s been especially wonderful to see how much confidence Jonathan has gained and we’re very hopeful that this supported employment program is something our other residents will also be able to benefit from in the future.

Another one of our residents who’s been keeping busy is Violet Passigli. She’s been making her own fruit baskets and jewellery boxes for some time now, using items like ice cream sticks, paints and glue and turning them into something beautiful . In fact, this hobby has become quite lucrative for the talented Violet who has been selling her wares to family, friends and Glendale visitors alike. So the next time you visit, be sure to ask to see some of her wonderful creations!

Don’t forget — we’d love to have you join us for our annual 2nd Night Rosh Hashanah Dinner! Just contact Charmian on 021 712 0270 or email


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