What a Jewish Adventure! Limmud 2017

Choosing your own Jewish Adventure

17 international presenters. 68 local presenters. 130 sessions.

From Torah to travel and from politics to pickles, there was a real Jewish adventure to be had for the over 500 community members who attended Limmud Cape Town 2017 (11 – 13 August 2017).

What makes Limmud a unique community experience is not just the world-class international presenters on show, sharing sessions on Jewish texts, history, politics, art and more; it is not just the revitalised Young Limmud programme, offering educational and recreational programming for all ages; it is not only a profoundly meaningful and multi-faceted Shabbat experience; nor the nurturing, inclusive and creative community-building space that Limmud creates.

What makes Limmud particularly special is the incredible array of local talent on display. We are so very humbled by the 68 community members, including 23 new faces and voices – who shared their particular Jewish passion, energy and experience. Limmud reminds us every year how rich, diverse and creative our community is.
And the rich tapestry of Jewish learning and living on show, is conceived, created and crafted by an unbelievably dedicated group of volunteers. Limmud is truly Jewish community by the people, for the people and of the people.

And the adventure continues.


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