Mandela Day at Highlands House

Renetia Itzikovitz, Jeanette Jacobs and Rhoda Gordon handed out scarves and fruit parcels to the homeless in the surrounding areas

Residents of Highlands House had been knitting furiously for months in preparation for Mandela Day on 18 July.

Giving much more than the suggested 67 minutes, the ladies of Highlands House made beanies, baby jerseys, blankets, scarves and teddy bears for some worthy charities. Knitting used to be a ‘winter sport’ for residents but has become a year-long endeavour with the introduction of Mandela Day a few years ago. The opportunity to use their skills in this way is very important to those involved. Residents who are not as accomplished with their knitting needles joined in on the day to sort and package the knitwear into parcels ready to be handed out to their intended recipients. In addition to packaging knitwear, our eager helpers package fruit parcels tied with beautiful ribbons and notes of encouragement.

This year, Highlands House partnered with a number of organisations and charities for distribution of the knitwear and fruit parcels. Scarves were given to the staff of Jewish Community Services to be handed out with soup and bread to patients at Robbie Nurock Day Hospital. Fruit parcels were also given to some community members. Knitwear packs were handed to representatives of New Somerset Hospital and to the WIZO organisation for charities in Israel. And lastly, some residents handed out fruit parcels and scarves to people living on the streets in the vicinity of the home. At the end of the day, over 500 knitted items and 80 fruit parcels were donated.

Thank you to all who participated in this project by donating wool, knitting, packaging and delivering the items. Wool was supplied by Highlands House, residents themselves, WIZO and generous community members. Residents also took the initiative to fundraise with selling crafts and holding a raffle to raise funds.

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  1. I found on the web an issue dated 01-09.2017 with a photo of Mandela day at Highlands house showing three ladies walking together.
    There was a Renetia who worked as one of my colleagues back in the early 1960´s in Commercial Street and I was wondering if it is the same person. I am south African born and reside in Portugal.
    Any assistance if at all possible would be appreciated.
    Thank you and Stay safe

    • Hi Roger, we will respond to you by email! Thank you for taking the time to read our website content, CJC Team


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