SAFI doing great work for Israel

On Sunday 7 August, Pastor Neal Schmidt, Pastor Otto Schmidt of the Judah Worship Center in Phillippi, Adam Kepkey and Wilfred Kepkey from Bridges for Peace and other pastors and congregants came together in celebration to put pen to paper and sign the Jerusalem Covenant. The Jerusalem Covenant is a historical document which was written to acknowledge the miraculous return of the Jewish people to Jerusalem in June 1967. 
The original Jerusalem Covenant is displayed alongside Israel’s Declaration of Independence in the Knesset and for the past twenty years has been signed by hundreds of visiting dignitaries.

On the SAFI Pastors Tour in January 2017, when visiting with Josh Reinstein from the Christian Caucus in Knesset, the Pastors undertook to come back to their perspective communities and congregations and have this declaration signed. This was their own initiative as their commitment to the State of Israel.

Pastor Clint Roodt of ‘His Will Ministries’ together with Pastor Williams, Pastor Johannes and their colleagues and families visited the Holocaust Museum on Sunday 6 August where Marlene Silbert presented the guests with an in-depth briefing and tour of the Holocaust Centre. 

Our guests were hosted to tea thereafter by the SA Zionist Federation and SA Friends of Israel where an interesting conversation took place about stereotyping, discrimination and mutual understanding of one’s fellow man.SAFI and the SAZF look forward to hosting all again at our many events.


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