Special thoughts for a New Year — Cape Jewish Seniors

Irma Kessler & Southern Suburb Member, Sylvia Seeligsohn

It is so important to make some time in your day to focus on the good things we all have in our lives. Material possessions are irrelevant if we do not have our health. To make a difference we need to take stock of our lives and focus on what is important, what and who needs to be nurtured or cast aside. Many of us have too much clutter in our lives and cannot see the wood for the trees. This creates stress and unnecessary worry. As we are at the beginning of this new year, let us make a resolution to start afresh and begin to clear the clutter.

Make a list of things to do:
Call a long-standing friend who you have not seen or heard from in ages. Meet and catch up on your friendship and news.

Try something new — whether it is a new recipe, read a new book, take up a new hobby or exercise. It is never too late to learn something new. Who knows, you might even enjoy it!
Clear the CLUTTER!

Generally, people are afraid of change of any sort which makes it very difficult to plan a varied and enjoyable programme for all members. There are always likes and dislikes and all this needs to be taken into account when the programming is being done. Please feel free to contribute to our programme. Any constructive ideas will be welcome. So, if you have been anywhere special or there is any person of note who might bring an interesting perspective to our pop-in mornings, let us know.

We are all happy to be seniors on Tuesdays when we get free entrance to Kirstenbosch, other discounts on days designated for seniors, or any other applicable discount (e.g. Ster Kinekor’s seniors’ club and no bank charges to over 55 year-olds). What makes us uncomfortable or unhappy with the label ‘senior’? Is it the label, the connotation or the fact that for many, the lifestyle belies the connotation?
Searching the web, we find that most sites about seniors deal with health, insurance and housing issues for seniors. However, there are also sites with enticing articles such as “Is there sex after 60?”, “In praise of older women”, “Seniors having fun” to list but a few.

The fact is, the passing of time does bring problems that most of us have to deal with: loneliness with children abroad, having to downsize and relocate to new areas as well as reduced incomes. Despite this, many seniors are still thirsting for knowledge and new experiences. We have joined the IT revolution. We are on Skype, we play bridge and Kalooki. We have chutzpah and we have beautiful, brilliant grandchildren. We have the option to join U3A, Probis and we have CJSA. Who can ask for anything more?

We can. We all can. We need to feel needed, to give and to know that we are still useful. So in addition to all the above, why not volunteer and spend some time in ways that make a difference and keep the wheels of our many organisations turning? Stay involved and be eminently fulfilled. Each one of us can make a difference.

CJSA Committee, CJSA members and the CJSA team join me in wishing the community a Chag Sameach and an easy and meaningful Fast.

Diana Sochen, Executive Director

Book early for Special Events:

All bookings open on the 15th of the month prior to the event advertised.
September Twilight Suppers R50
14 September 17h30 Sea Point Music and inspiration with Aaron Halevi.
14 September 18h30 Rowan Polovin
Booking essential for Twilight Suppers.
Venue: Albow Centre, 18 October 2017, 17h00 to commence sharp at 17h30
The whole community is invited and welcome
NB Booking essential for all the above


We extend a hearty Mazeltov on the following life-cycle events:

Moonyeen and Eddie Castle — Granddaughter
Ray Shirk — Great grandson
Ray Shirk — Great grandson
Hannah Soffer — Great grandson

Felicity Isserow — Grandson
Michael and Helen Lieberman — Grandson

Bess Kawalsky — Granddaughter

Janice Bloch — Granddaughter
Ella Blumenthal — Granddaughter
Estelle and Ernest Kaplan — Granddaughter
Bernice Katz — Son

Miriam Lichterman — Granddaughter
Moira and Zack Shapiro — 50 years

Ella Blumenthal
Anne Whine

We extend our sincere best wishes to our members who have not been well:
Bessie Margolis
Raymond Effune

We extend our sincere condolences to our members who have lost family members:
Yvette Zive — husband, Bernard.

We welcome new members to the CJSA family:
Janice Mavis Ospovat Burman
Colin Goldberg
Judith Slomowitz — Polley


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