Three different initiatives, three very special days

The Camps Bay soccer boys with the kit they donated

Union of Jewish Women celebrates Mandela Day

Delwie–Ria Boweni, the founder of Ria’s Kitchen (a project of the UJW) has formed a soccer team called the ‘Silvertown Football Club’ and the new team required soccer kit.

Vanessa Arelisky, Chairman of Na’Arot (a group of the UJW) and her sister Robyn Palmer both have sons’ who play for the Camps Bay Soccer Club. The club had won a voucher in a soccer tournament and the Camps Bay boys donated the voucher to Ria and her team to purchase their kit.
On Mandela Day Ria’s boys’ the Silvertown Football Club played in a competition against the Homestead Football Club and won the trophy. A delicious meal was given to all the players. Ria’s kitchen is now associated with The Homestead which means that the children now have a social worker and counsellor available to them. 
The Simcha Group are very proud of Ria’s team. And a big thank you to everyone for all the support.

On 18 of July young and old gathered at Stonehaven to pack baby bags in honour of Mandela Day.

The focus this year for Mandela Day was the UJW’s newest project: ‘Baby Bags for Beginners’. The aim of this project is to supply mothers with a bag full of all the essentials they will need to look after and care for their newborns. The UJW is partnering with a number of organisations to extend this project in order to provide 3 or 4 bags to each mother and child over the period of a year. This will allow the new moms to receive support as well as the essentials needed at each milestone, and allow the babies to receive the correct care and monitoring during the crucial first year of their lives.
A big thank you to our wonderful community for all the donations we received and to those who helped on the day, we could not have done it without you.

Young and old gather together to do good on Mandela Day

For Mandela day this year the Simcha Group enjoyed a visit to the Eric Miles Cheshire Home in Milnerton.

The Cheshire Home has 38 residents whose disabilities result from motor accident injuries, impairments from birth, illnesses and degenerative diseases.
We received special requests from the residents for black and white blankets for two Sharks rugby supporters as well as a colourful blanket for their newest resident. Patsy Fivelman also bought four Sharks lanyards for the team’s supporters.
Even though the Simcha ladies are predominantly Stormers supporters, they mingled happily with the residents at the tea party where everyone enjoyed the cakes and other goodies that we supplied.

The Simcha Group with a resident at Cheshire Home holding up the beautiful black and white blanket they knitted for him


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