SAUJS WC responds to the call for action

SAUJS WC accompanying Pastor Aron and the members of The Great Commission Church in Khayelitsha at their second jacket handover.

The beginning of June saw extreme weather hit the Western Cape. Strong winds coupled with the severe drought saw fire spread rapidly through Knysna and surrounds.

People were left speechless by the magnitude of destruction and damage. Many residents of these areas were left homeless and in dire need of financial and material support. Further, high levels of rain and strong winds in Cape Town severely affected the homeless and left damage. SAUJS WC responded to these crises by facilitating a collection at The Point Mall for the #CapeStorm and #KnysnaFires victims. Amazingly, we managed to collect just under R2000 and nine full trollies worth of essential items.

We would like to thank the community for their incredible donations, and would furthermore like to show appreciation to the anonymous donor who donated six bales of Jackets to SAUJS WC to hand out to underprivileged communities in Cape Town.

We can really be proud of our community for striving for social justice in our country.
On behalf of SAUJS WC, I would like to wish you and your families a Chag Rosh Hashanah Sameach and an easy fast.

Jesse Soicher — Vice Chairperson of SAUJS


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