Small change, BIG difference — Cathy Barnett

Reflect on your small steps

I have always found it useful to recommend my clients take small steps to change an area in their lives that feels stuck.

I won’t suggest examples here, as these suggestions must come from you. Once you have taken a small step to do something new and different, give yourself a moment to reflect how that small step has made a difference. It’s also useful to notice who else has noticed that you’ve taken that small step, and how that has made a difference.
Introducing small changes in stuck areas of your life will feel manageable and empowering, and once these changes or small steps of doing things differently begin to impact positively on your outlook, we encourage you to take another step and do more of what is working well for you and your family.
In this way, small changes can make a big difference to your life and to all those around you.
As you choose to take those small steps to enhance and make a difference to your personal life, you will ultimately make a difference to the wider community in which you live.

Cathy Barnett is a life coach registered with the International Coaching Federation and qualified with ‘Solution Surfers’ (Switzerland). She is passionate about helping clients facilitate change and reach potential in their lives.


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