Small change, BIG difference — Michael Bagraim

Know your rights and responsibilities

This year, take the time to gain a rudimentary understanding of our Basic Conditions of Employment Act and our Labour Relations Act.

Unlike other legislation, our labour legislation is written in a basic form and is easily understood. If any employee takes the time and trouble to at least understand the basis of our labour legislation, it makes it much easier to retain the position at work and or to defend it.

For any employers in our community, it is obviously incumbent for us to treat our employees fairly at all times.
In addition, it is incumbent upon the individual who is employed to understand the rules and regulations of that employment relationship.

  The employees must be paid at least above the minimum wage and should receive their salary timeously.  Furthermore, we as a community ought to ensure that those within our community who lose their jobs are given adequate protection and at least advice to be able to access their labour legal rights.

Everyone who has a position should do everything within their power, during these tumultuous employment times, to try and keep their jobs even if the position is proving to be difficult or unpleasant. One should not resign until one secures alternative employment.

We, as a Jewish community have an obligation to ensure that our community is able to sustain itself, and this is normally only functional if the able-bodied within our community are gainfully employed.
It is all very well for individuals to state that they are secure, but none of us is secure if the unemployment figures remain so high, and there are those amongst us who are suffering.

Obviously, for the employers in our community, they should consider using professionals like Staffwise so as to ensure that affirmative action within our own community is at the very least considered.
Michael Bagraim is a labour lawyer, Member of Parliament and former Head of the Cape Chamber of Commerce.


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