Small change, BIG difference — Stuart Shapiro

Map your goals and break them down

I am an entrepreneur. My advice to other entrepreneurs is to be aware that development means risks and unknown variables.

My company developed the first Instagram and Twitter photo-printing kiosk for brands and retail stores. We recently launched a portable photo-booth, able to print pictures from any cellphone using Whatsapp. It’s the first of its kind, world-wide.
A common pitfall for young entrepreneurs is that they remain trapped and married to their companies.

Finding the path to success requires a certain mindset. For example, I don’t communicate in the early morning — I focus on my company, BrandRocket. I think of it as being independent of me, and I spend this time looking at the bigger picture of the company’s growth instead of focusing on daily administrative tasks.
The idea is to map out your big primary goals, break them down to their finest elements, and then do what’s needed to achieve them, by focusing on each of those steps. Pursuing the bigger picture as a whole can be daunting otherwise.

Download an app called Wunderlist to set daily tasks, don’t spend too much time thinking about little things, task it and do it. I have a general-list and a today-list. Keep your today-list to things you will be able to get done in a day. A long day-list will slow you down.

ORT JET facilitate mentoring based on your development needs. This was critical in the early stages of building my company when I didn’t have the confidence or knowledge to implement my ideas and goals.

Stuart Shapiro is an entrepreneur with a background in engineering and the founder of BrandRocket (Pty) Ltd, a marketing firm using social media printing. He has worked in Scotland in 3D animation, gained recognition as a photographer and was also a partner of the start up The Imagineers.


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