Bnei Akiva hosts successful camp launch

Recently, Bnei Akiva hosted a camp launch for its madrichim at the new Kosher restaurant, The Press.

It was a fun and well-attended evening with madrichim officially starting the build-up towards the end of year camp. Chanan Suiza, the Cape Town co-coordinator for camp, reiterated Rosh Machaneh Martin Skudicky’s words, thanking the madrichim for all their hard work during the year and motivating them to continue.

The months to come will mean plenty of school visits, tochniot and other amazing activities to encourage channichim to go on camp at the end of the year. Under the leadership of Martin Skudicky, this camp is set to be one of the strongest camps held in recent years. Social Media sites like Facebook are already brimming with posts about who is going and the classic Bnei sports rivalry banter. The question everyone is asking is whether it will it be possible for Bnei to reproduce the success of last year when Bnei had, at its peak, over one thousand people on site. At the time of writing, applications had opened and were already pouring in, indicative of the hard work the madrichim have been putting into the year.

The Camp this year is called ‘Nitzavim Hayom’ it means ‘we are standing today’, Bnei Akiva has grown tremendously and the name ‘Nitzavim Hayom’ indicates strength and confidence.

At year-end I firmly believe we will look back and view camp as a massive success.

Kadima Bnei Akiva,
Yaakov Shleider, Bnei CT Treasurer


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