Reflection on a fantastic year

It’s crazy to think that 2017 is already nearing its close.

The past 10 months have been fundamental in the growth and strengthening of Habonim Dror, with two of our most exciting months still to come. With Machaneh17 Na’aleh on the horizon, hundreds of Jewish children in Cape Town and Joburg are counting the sleeps until they set foot onto our Onrus campsite.

Looking back at the year, we know that 2017 will be one for the Habonim history books. From our biggest ever Cape Town Mini-Machaneh in March, to the incredible work done by our Cape Town Shaliach Nadav, Habonim in CT has been a place of excitement and opportunity. With our largest CT delegation on Shorashim, the Cape Town — Israel connection is as strong as ever with our channichim. The continued efforts of our dedicated Cape Town leadership have meant that channichim and madrichim have had a Habonim-filled year. With events like the Chocolate Seder, Amazing Race, 3rd Seder, Chocolate Sukkah, Winter Day Camps, and so much more. Our weekly visits to the various Jewish day schools have allowed our madrichim and channichim to keep in close contact year-round, leading up to our phenomenal Machaneh in December.

This year also saw our 2016 Rosh Machaneh Kelly Brook make Aliyah through Habonim Dror, where she has continued the work of the youth movement in Israel. This, coupled with the doubling of tours and trips to Israel by our madrichim, has seen the strengthening of Habonim — Israel engagement and connection.

For more information on our highlight of the year — December Machaneh — please visit

David Schwartz
Rosh Machaneh 2017


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