SAUJS Stellenbosch to launch

My name is Jesse Soicher and I will be the new SAUJS Western Cape chairman for 2017/2018.

It is a big honour to be selected as the new chairman and I would like to personally thank Jordan Seligmann, the outgoing chairman, and the rest of the outgoing committee for all their hard work, dedication and commitment to such a special cause. SAUJS would not be in the position we are today without these incredible individuals.

The new committee for 2017/2018 is: Jesse Soicher, Yakov Schleider, Daniel Levenstein, Jamie Kawalsky, Daniel Barlin, Jordan Seligmann, Mitch Freedman and Idan Sharon. A big mazeltov to all those who were selected.
My goal as the new chairperson for the year is to build on the amazing work that the previous committee did. Firstly, this entails establishing a new SAUJS branch in Stellenbosch. For many years, there have been a number of Jewish students at Stellenbosch who haven’t been adequately represented. This new branch will hold networking events for Jewish students, arrange Shabbat dinners for students that do not have families to go to, advocate for Israel and promote South African and Jewish values. I urge all students who study at Stellenbosch and are keen to get involved, to contact SAUJS WC through our Facebook, Instagram or email account (

Secondly, I aim to build on the impressive participation numbers we saw in the 2016/17 year through exciting events, dynamic guest speakers and much, much more.

Stay tuned, the new SAUJS committee is going to make waves.

Jesse Soicher
SAUJS WC Chairman 2017/18


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