Are you an Alumnus of Auntie Gertie Haas?

Auntie Gertie (Gertrude Haas)

Were you ever a music or singing student of Auntie Gertie Haas? Did you take piano lessons with her? Or attend her Music Appreciation — Singing classes? Or perform on stage in those wonderful concerts held from 1952-1985 at the Alhambra Theatre, City Hall, Civic Centre or at the Baxter Theatre with Zola?

If yes, you’re invited to the party/concert of the year in Cape Town, where we’re coming together to sing the old favourite songs, reminisce and share stories over drinks and snacks and be entertained in a grand venue. Let’s celebrate our wonderful Gertrude Haas, who would have had her 100th Birthday this year!

Please join the Facebook group ‘Auntie Gertie Haas Alumni Group’ to get the party info updates and to be a part of our cyber reunion, if you live far away. This fun group shares old concert and class photos, concert programmes and stories of those beloved ‘Gertie Haas’ days.

Help us find all her alumni, scattered around the world, who today would be between 35 and 80 years old.
For your party invitation, contact Zola via email: or message her though the ‘Auntie Gertie Haas Centenary’ Facebook Page.


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