Beautiful cookbook brings fresh, local produce into focus

The Olami cookbook from Nirit Saban of the popular deli on Bree Street, Cape Town is all about simple, nourishing, wholesome food. Olami, a word used in Israel, means global, universal and worldly, and Nirit’s recipes open the door to many fusions and flavours from all over the world. This book keeps local in mind, and the recipes use easy-to-source ingredients to make it accessible for everyone.

In this book, you will find classic recipes with a twist, with a focus on using original flavour bases with different combinations to create meals with flair and flavour. You can roast butternut with a glaze of honey and sprinkled toasted sesame seeds or you can mash the butternut and top it with loads of parsley, lemon, olive oil and a dusting of sweet paprika. With stunning photographs, these mouth-watering dishes will keep you wanting to try every recipe in the book. This a must-have for every kitchen.

‘There is something magical that happens at Olami every day, whether it be the flavours we combine, the music that streams through the sound
of sizzling and steaming and bubbling, the voices of our customers
and friends and family, the arrival and departure of our suppliers – the consistent flow of work and production all adds up to a melting pot of powerful elements that nourish the team and the customers in the most inspiring way. The intention behind Olami and my life is to be as connected to nature as nature is to us. We at Olami are incredibly humbled at this opportunity to share the food we love with everyone.’ – Nirit Saban

Brought up in a family where food was always celebrated and festivals were always occasions for an abundant variety of delights, the foundation for her food-love was laid. Nirit spent a couple of years in Israel, learning from local chefs and master confectioners, before returning to Cape Town in 2010 to run a very successful catering and deli kitchen, until establishing Olami in 2016.

Available in all good bookshops ISBN: 978-1-4314-0478-0


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