Relevance & Resonance: SAJBD (Cape) bring innovative Campus Impact Network to Jewish Students.

Delegates and speakers from Campus Impact Network Session 18 February 2018

Allison Rosenfeld and Stephanie Mekreb, facilitators from the Anti-defamation league (ADL) in the United States, alongside the SAJBD (Cape) hosted the Campus Impact Network programme to help our community’s university students address not only the changing face of antisemitism but also the challenges they face on campus with movements such as #FeesMustFall.

Drawing parallels from movements in the USA such as #BlackLivesMatter, the ADL facilitators were able to contextualise the issues that our student’s US counterparts; a talk by a previous BDS student leader, Klaas Masilo, was a highlight of the day as he shared his lived experience as a BDS activist on campus and his transition to now being an advocate for the Jewish community and Israel.
The pilot project was overall a great success, and the SAJBD (Cape Council) will continue to refine and develop the programme in conjunction with its partners and students to make it even better for next time!


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