A new year to… Learn and live consciously

Ariella Goldman

I would like to take responsibility for my happiness. To own that responsibility, whether it’s to become a better Jew, or simply having better commitments. To stop pushing off deadlines or giving the ‘dirty’ work to someone else. To do it now! (If not now, when?) I want to rock ‘n roll into this new year and start doing services for myself and others.

I want to be more aware and conscious.

I want to learn after the first time of something not working for me, like dealing with the chaos of kids in the morning alone and instead of being a martyr acknowledge I need an extra pair of hands to start the day!
I want to be a more mindful human being, conscious and aware of what’s happening within me from the moment I open my eyes in the morning till bedtime. Thanking the creator for returning my soul, these few words take me just seconds to recite but the acknowledgment of today as a gift sets me on the right footing.

I want to become aware of what drives me, what motivates me, what puts a smile on my face.
Fuel this feeling, nurture it, act on it!

To a new year of being grateful for the small things, for the big things, for everything.
To a new year of putting others before myself even if it’s hard at times and to a new year of not being a doormat.
To a new year of fueling my soul, my spirit, my neshoma. With Torah, with Tzedakah.
Before I dance into this new year, I reflect on the past.

What happened, what did not.
I acknowledge my flaws and take steps to refine and to grow. Here’s to a year of more learning. About myself and others.
I want to spend time contemplating G‑d’s absolute oneness, how He is found everywhere and constantly recreating me.
No matter where I am I want to allow myself to feel infinitely close to G‑d. I want to think about the fact that I am actually thinking these thoughts, my brain is acting as a humble abode to G‑d, and my soul is fulfilling the very purpose for which it was created — to reveal G‑d’s oneness here in this world.

What greater joy can there be than a deep sense of fulfillment that you are doing what you were created to do?
I want to be mindful of how crucial it is for my children to be imbued with a sense of mission and taught the secret to lasting joy.

Here’s to a year of accomplishing and implementing.
Even just one of the above.


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