A day in the life of Cape Town Torah High

First day of school in the new Girls Division house

Walking into Cape Town Torah High each morning is a daily reminder that the dream of combining religious and secular education is certainly a reality. 

Based in the heart of Gardens, Cape Town Torah High has made its home in the historic Ponevez Shul and three adjacent Victorian houses that radiate a love for learning and a commitment to Yiddishkeit.

In 2019 Cape Town Torah High had its largest enrolment of students to date and with them, these students and families have brought about a renewal to the vision of providing a religious and ethical education to a new generation of Jewish leaders.

What makes a Cape Town Torah High education unique is the guiding principle of empowering the student both in Jewish and General Studies. The daily motivation is to provide a Torah-based educational environment that allows for children to grow into responsible, global citizens well-versed in Jewish thought. This ethos is entrenched by the lesson from King Solomon, found in the Book of Proverbs, that we must: ‘Educate a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.’

The Boys Division in front of Ponevez Shul

Mathematics Integrated into the Middle School Mathematics curriculum is the Math-U-See resource, an interactive programme bringing maths to life and building student’s confidence to take on challenging concepts. 

Economics Exposure to Economics is essential to a modern education. Both Middle and High School Economics curricula are custom designed to engage students with relevant and challenging economic trends.

Science As the Cape Town Torah High curriculum is layered, pupils are able to work at their own speed allowing for both extension and academic enrichment.

PSAT and SAT In order to best prepare students for a global world, Cape Town Torah High incorporates PSAT and SAT training and assessment taking into its academic offering. This opportunity has been advantageous to many alumni now studying abroad.

Chagim Learning is by no means confined to the walls of a classroom. This year, the beginning of the school term coincided with the celebration of Tu B’shvat. This occasion was marked by combining Kodesh and General Studies curricula through exploring the Company’s Garden, uncovering some of Cape Town’s natural gems and reflecting on the lesson that, ‘Man is a tree of the field’ (Devarim 20:19). 

Mentoring In order to maintain a close, interconnected educational environment, mentoring programmes are integrated into daily school life. Morning discussion groups and weekly care circles led by teachers and shlichot provide students with an opportunity to broaden and explore their ideas around their Yiddishkeit.

IvritAn integral part of Jewish education is language and through Ulpan-Or and dedicated Ivrit teachers, students are able to immerse themselves in their language in a pupil-centred academic environment. 

Yisroel and Yehuda Hecht celebrating Tu B’Shvat in the Company’s Garden

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