Shabbat and Yom Tov Times



Earliest Latest Ends

6 Sept/6 Elul Shoftim 6.13pm 7.06pm

13 Sept/13 Elul Ki Teitzei 6.15pm 6.18pm 7.10pm

20 Sept/20 Elul Ki Tavo 6.15pm 6.23pm 7.15pm

27 Sept/27 Elul Nitzavim 6.15pm 6.28pm 7.20pm

29 Sept/29 Elul 1st night RH 6.15pm 6.29pm

30 Sept/1 Tishrei 2nd night RH 7.21pm 7.21pm* 7.22pm

4 Oct/5 Tishrei Vayeilech/Shuvah 6.15pm 6.33pm 7.25pm

8 Oct/9 Tishrei Yom Kippur 6.15pm 6.36pm 7.29pm

* light candles from an existing flame

N.B. Please note that the times indicated are the earliest times for candle lighting. Please consult your Rabbi.

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