Switching off to be switched on

Stuart Diamond Director SAJBD

After a full year at the Cape Board, I ventured off with my family on an 11-day cruise into the Indian Ocean. 

I had made a decision to leave my cell phone locked in our safe in Cape Town and this decision was one that proved so beneficial to our time away. Switching off allowed me the opportunity to read, play with my kids, and connect with my wife. 

Every day we are faced with news of issues that affect us. We live in a society that drives us to remain switched on, connected, and know all that is taking place, in real time. But what does this constant need to be switched on mean for leaders in our community? Often we are present, but not present. Or as I say, “at the table but at another dinner party”.

2020 will continue to throw challenges and opportunities at us and being able to lock that phone away and give ourselves the ability to be present will enable us to make the best decisions for our community and families. 

By switching off my phone for 14 days, I reminded myself that the world would keep going without me. 

I learnt that being present in the moment is a skill that we as leaders and lay leaders need, and that even when Eskom switches us off we can switch our minds on to positivity.  

Let’s all use 2020 to switch off more, so we can be more switched on. 

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