3 Mensch network members creating positive change for all in South Africa


Shifra Jacobson is a popular adult educator, trainer, lecturer and facilitator. She has over 35 years’ experience, working with diverse communities in Southern Africa, other parts of the continent, the United Kingdom, Israel and Germany.

Jacobson holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Women and Gender Studies, an Advanced Diploma in Adult Education and a Diploma in Movement Therapy in Special Education.

Shifra currently is the Hub Coordinator at The Counselling Hub. A low-cost counselling centre in Woodstock.
www.counsellinghub.org.za | info@counsellinghub.org.za

Kevin James is a green economy entrepreneur with a very clear vision – Net Zero. He is involved in various green enterprises and NGOs working to make this vision a reality.

He is the founder and Chief Executive of GCX an environmental sustainability company that provides tools and expertise to large, complex organisations to set and track more ambitious environmental sustainability targets. 

GCX focuses on data analytics, zero waste strategic consultancy and zero waste technologies. Kevin is a director of the Green Building Council SA.
www.gcx.co.za | info@gcxafrica.co.za

Samuel Ginsberg is a designer of electronic devices. He graduated from the University of Cape Town (UCT) in 1999 with the degree of BSc Eng (electrical) with first class honours and again in 2001 with an MSc (Eng).

After 15 years of teaching at UCT Samuel now runs an electronics design company called Kovco Laboratories, and a social project called Sigthsense – a shack safety and convenience device aimed at improving the lives of shack dwellers by reducing the risk of catastrophic fires and other risks.
www.sigthsense.com | feathers_mail@yahoo.co.uk

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