Exploring extremism with Dr Martin Sherman

By Galya Tregenza

The SAZF Cape Council’s Media Committee hosted Dr Martin Sherman for an academic briefing on ‘Extremists and Extremism’ on 7 July.

Around 150 people registered to listen to Dr Sherman give his presentation. He gave an enlightening historical overview of extremism and also provided a thorough exposition of certain political views pertaining to the notion of a two state solution. The national identity of the Jewish people was highlighted during his talk, along with the very real security threats facing Israel today. Dr Sherman pointed out that any steps taken in any deal or agreement must ensure that Israel’s borders remain completely defensible. 

Dr Sherman, who is the founder and CEO of the Israel Institute of Strategic Studies, spoke with great insight and clarity and gave a frank and honest viewpoint to some complicated issues.

The SAZF Cape Council supports the notion of two states existing peacefully and with secure borders but welcomes various viewpoints and ideas on these important matters. It is healthy to engage and have respectful dialogue around difficult topics and we are pleased that the opportunity was given to do just that.

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