JBC Class graduates bring joy during a difficult time

The graduates: Liza-Jane Saban, Chantelle van Wyk, Maxine Sa Couto, Stella-Dee Kousouros, Helena Anastasopoulos, Levi Maritz Emma Maritz, Kate Lewin, Dee Moore, Alex Lee, Rafael Saban, Marcello Marcia, Samuel Berrill, Esther Rossouw, Liezl Solomon, Kirsten Berrill, Mahlodi Montlha and Nicole Lamberts (please note: order of names do not correspond with order of photos)

Every Shabbat is special, but Shabbat Ve’etchanan (31 July / 1 August) was even more special as we celebrated the Jews By Choice Declaration and Graduation in our online shul.

Having had to cope not only with the disruption of the COVID-19 crisis which meant that classes had to be delivered online, but also the tragic passing of one of their class members just before the course was completed, the 15 graduates participated in our services for the first time as fully-fledged Jewish people and our congregation rejoiced with them.

The JBC class has always made a huge impact on our congregation after graduation and we look forward to what this amazing group will bring.

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