South African Christians pray for Jerusalem

By South African Friends of Israel Leadership

We recently saw an uproar in the country due to remarks made by the Chief Justice about Israel during a webinar organised by the Jerusalem Post. 

He took a stand to pray for peace in Jerusalem and urged others to do the same as inscribed in our Biblical scriptures. South Africans stood firm with him against the naysayers of our generation who have accused Israel of being an illegitimate state, in particular the ruling party and the BDS movement. Christians in this country showed that nothing would deter them from showing their love and support for the only democracy in the Middle East. 

SAFI decided to host a ‘Pray for the peace of Jerusalem’ webinar. The event took place on 7 August and saw Christians from across Africa united with South African Friends of Israel in prayer.

The event was also an opportunity to celebrate the Master KG ‘Jerusalema’ hit which many believe to be a sign of prophetic support for Israel from Africa. We have seen people of all races join in song and dance for Jerusalem and in less than a week of our Prayer Event we saw a remarkable peace deal with Israel and UAE which is a historic and significant development.  

We hope that with increasing Arab and Israeli friendships in the Middle East that the South African government would lay its anti-Israel narrative aside and work rather towards reconciliation and restoration in the region.

South Africans Friends of Israel will continue to stand by Israel and pray for the peace of Jerusalem and indeed the peace of the region. We will continue to speak to our fellow South Africans about the truth regarding Israel and seek to be a vessel that spreads love, truth and hope. 

We as South African believers unapologetically stand with Israel and we refuse to be silenced or pushed into political correctness. Israel is the homeland of our Messiah and the land of the Bible. 

We would like to thank all those that took part in our Prayers Event and all those who are united in safeguarding the sacred truths of the Bible. 

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