October 2020

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  1. 90,000 Jews world wide watched Park Avenue Shul New York on Zoom on Yom Kippur.
    60,000 Jews world wide watched Park Avenue Shul New York on Zoom on Rosh Hashanah
    150,000 Jews world wide did not go to shul but watched Cantor Azi Schwartz and Cantor Brook sing as well as Chief Rabbi Elliot Cosgrove on Zoom one of 3 Rabbis make a brilliant speech.
    Ask not what Judaism can do for you but what you can do for Judaism and your community.
    Over 1000 Jews from RSA watched, 5000 Jews from Brazil

  2. I do not know how to read this digital version!!!
    How does one get from Page 1 to the next page ff?
    I do not want to keep going back to the prompt that says’download here for pdf version , just like you used to read it before’ & the reality is that one gets page 1 and then various possibilities that do not run sequentially, as far as I am able to access it…Possibly there are other readers of reasonable intelligence who are also having this issue, with each issue.Please give us some step by step guidance. Oh for a newspaper that feels like a newspaper , not just ‘a shtikl luft’


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