From the Gulf to Mozambique with Seth Frantzman

By Galya Tregenza Hall

On 30 September we hosted Seth Frantzman for a webinar where he discussed whether Israel’s growing relationships in the Middle East and Africa could counter extremist Muslim ideology.

Given his extensive experience and knowledge of these issues, he was very well placed to address and unpack the fundamental themes contained within his topic.

Seth Frantzman is the Middle East Affairs correspondent at the Jerusalem Post and Executive Director of the Middle East Centre for Reporting and Analysis. He is a former lecturer at Al-Quds University on US foreign policy and has a PhD from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He has reported from and conducted research in Iraq, Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, Israel and the UAE, and is the author of After ISIS: America, Israel and the Struggle for the Middle East.

Around 220 people registered for the webinar and all who attended were provided with a comprehensive analysis of what led Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain come to the place of signing normalisation deals. Frantzman detailed the circumstances of the different Gulf States and spoke from his experience about the new face of the Middle East.

He also spent some time commenting on what might be coming next regarding Isis or other extremist groups that are closer to our part of the world. He noted that we in South Africa should take the links between Isis and Mozambique very seriously and not allow countries like Mozambique to be destabilised. He noted that it behoves South Africa to take a forward approach in this matter.

A rigorous Q&A session followed the talk and concluded a fascinating webinar. Seth Frantzman is a very knowledgeable man with a great deal of first-hand experience of the Middle East and we all gained greater understanding and perspective of the region through his presentation.

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