Laying the groundwork for a productive term

By Tzvi Brivik, Chairperson, Cape SAJBD

I am very excited to initiate the new term with the launching of the subcommittees and various working groups, the mandate for which the Board has set out in its constitution.

The core objective of the constitution is fighting antisemitism, and in doing so taking a strong stand for religious and civil rights and the welfare of the community. The other objectives include safeguarding the status and welfare of the Jewish community and promoting harmonious relations between our community and all other sections of the population in the Western Cape.

In line with these aims and objectives, the Board has established various subcommittees. The subcommittees are to identify, in both a reactive and a proactive manner, any project or communal issue which would promote concepts set out in the constitution.
The antisemitism and legal subcommittee safeguard religious rights and the status of the Jewish community. The subcommittee considers any antisemitic transgressions and, where corrective action or legal action needs to be taken, makes recommendations to the Board.

The advocacy subcommittee engenders relationships with government, be it at a provincial or local level, and other authorities as well as non-governmental institutions. Its main aim is to promote harmonious relations, which it does by introducing the Jewish community to others within the Western Cape and similarly allowing those communities to meet with us.

There is a deep and long-lasting relationship between the country communities and us, including such communities at Paarl, Strand, Somerset West and Stellenbosch. The Cape SAJBD represents the interests of all Jewish communities within the Western Cape. Some of the work that we need to do includes maintaining Jewish cemeteries, funerals and community-building events.
The education subcommittee will act to both educate our community on the work the Board is doing and also prepare induction programmes for future Board members.

The Generation Next subcommittee had from 2017 to 2020 engaged young adults and otherwise unengaged organisations and provided a voice to the youth and the young leaders. Some of the work which it had done includes liaising with Jewish student organisations on university campuses, supporting SAUJS during the Israel Awareness Week and finally working together on a calendar of events for young adults to encourage a collaborative environment.

Also, we have established working groups which will each have a limited and focused task to consider, investigate or address and in respect of which it will then report back. These include a Constitution and Electoral Document working group to revisit these documents under the recent elections, if necessary, as well as a Code of Conduct working group.

Also, we are planning some exciting and engaging workshops regarding our affiliates as well as various unaffiliated groups. To improve our service to you, our affiliates, and the community, we will be reviewing our communication policies.

So, all in all, in addition to our usual calendar of events, our work is cut out for us!

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