Shelley Trope-Friedman elected new President of WIZO SA

BZA WIZO Cape Town is delighted to announce the appointment of Shelley Trope-Friedman as new President of WIZO South Africa.

No stranger to community work and a passionate Zionist, Shelley comes from a long line of philanthropists, and proudly continues the legacy of her parents and grandparents, having been involved in many local organisations including SAZF Cape Council, Glendale and ORT Western Cape, and remains on the Board of ORT Jet and ORT Education.

Shelly said she hopes her personal passion and love for Israel will have a positive impact on WIZO SA.

“I see this as a chance for personal growth as well as an opportunity to lead WIZO SA into the future. My dream is to help transform WIZO SA into a powerful organisation that can hold its own amongst any of the more successful WIZO federations around the world.”

Immediate Past President, Tamar Lazarus said: “We feel privileged to welcome Shelley as our new President of WIZO South Africa. Together with Vice-Presidents Barbara Flax and Helen Maisels-Trisk heading the newly elected Council, we have no doubt they will lead WIZO South Africa from strength to strength”.

Published in the print edition of the February 2021 issue. Download the February 2021 issue PDF here.

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