How we learn at Salisbury House

Salisbury House children, accompanied by Rabbi Malcolm, hand over bikkurim to Christ Church Kenilworth staff

In May, we celebrated Shavuot at Salisbury House.

Together with Temple Israel, we collected bikkurim (non-perishable food) to donate to the less fortunate. Once we collected enough food we divided it up into different food types. We then plotted this information down on a bar graph and discussed how much of each food type we had collected. We incorporated mathematical vocabulary, as well as discussing the nutritional value of each type of food. We explored the different meals that could be made with each food type and discussed which food would be considered a staple food and which were luxuries.

Rabbi Malcolm visited our school to discuss the relevance of bikkurim and Shavuot and why we take part in this mitzvah. We packed the groceries neatly into shopping bags and loaded up the cars. We decided to donate the food to Christ Church Kenilworth, as they have several feeding schemes in our school’s area.

When we arrived at the church we were greeted by Sharon, the Campus Manager. She told us about their soup kitchen evenings, care packages and U-Turn collaborations. The children got an opportunity to ask questions and we discussed the similarities between Temple services and Church services during Covid times.

We were invited to play in the lovely gardens at the church and when we got back to school we wrote a detailed article on the process we took to eventually donating our goods to Christ Church Kenilworth.

A great deal of fun and learning was had during this project. At Salisbury House we integrate our subjects to create authentic, true-to-life learning experiences.

Visit the Salisbury House website or email for more information.

• Published in the PDF edition of the July 2021 issue.

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