Bnoth Zion WIZO celebrates 120 years

The 70 years award was presented to Ruth Katzeff by President WIZO SA Shelley Trope Friedman

There is a wonderful expression used in Hebrew and Yiddish, when congratulating a person on an amazing effort or achievement: “Ad me-ah v’esrim, k’esrim.’’

Loosely translated, it commends one by wishing them to live to 120 years, but to have the drive and energy of a 20 year old!

With much pride and excitement, Bnoth Zion Wizo celebrated its 120th anniversary on Thursday, 19th August 2021. This significant achievement, would, in ‘normal times’, have been celebrated in a “non-masked’’ gala event.

This year, however, we combine our 120th anniversary and annual Rebecca Sieff awards, virtually, on zoom, and with pre-taken photographs of the recipients proudly holding their well-deserved certificates of recognition for the many years of devoted and inspiring commitment to Bnoth Zion Wizo, The Women’s International Zionist Organization and in particular our WIZO South African projects in Israel, contributing to making a positive and life-changing difference in the lives of children, youth and empowering women to meet and adapt to change and challenge.

Bnoth Zion WIZO was deeply honoured and motivated by the warm messages of mazal tov and recognition of our ongoing achievements received from President, World WIZO, Esther MOR, World WIZO Chairman, Anita Friedman and President WIZO, South Africa, Shelley Trope Friedman.

In celebration of our 120th anniversary, our guest speaker was renowned presenter, Gwynne Robins, a WIZO member herself since 1973, author and historian, who shared fascinating stories about the remarkable WIZO pioneers and some interesting South African connections. As always, Gwynne Robins enthralled us all!

Janine Currie, Chairman of Bnoth Zion WIZO presented the Rebecca Sieff award and Certificates of acknowledgment and congratulations to the recipients.

Despite being virtual and on Zoom, just watching, one ‘felt’ the emotion and excitement of the occasion!

What an extraordinary achievement, both for Bnoth Zion WIZO, and especially for the neshot chayil (women of worth) WIZO women; caring, determined, motivated, empowered, creative, resilient, inspiring and generous of spirit.

MAZAL TOV V’SIMAN TOV to Bnoth Zion WIZO on its 120th anniversary!

MAZAL TOV V’SIMAN TOV to our remarkable WIZO Women!

May Bnoth Zion WIZO and WIZO worldwide, operating in 50 Federations around the world, and holding status at the U.N continue to grow from strength to strength, and via its impactful projects contribute to making a difference in the lives of the hundreds of thousands of Israelis, of diverse backgrounds, ensuring and enhancing a vibrant and dynamic Israel.

60 Years Service

50 Years Service

40 Years Service

Photos with WIZO banner, by Yolande Kretzmer Keys.

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