Habonim: Machaneh Lachlom Mechadash

Looking back on when we first met, I cannot escape and I cannot forget. Habo you’re the one, you still turn me on. Habo’s coming home again.

After missing a Machaneh last December for the first time in our history, we finally received the news that we all were hoping for.
This month could not have started off any better, where in a late decision, the plan for Machaneh Lachlom Mechadash was given the go-ahead for this December.

This was followed with immediate excitement, as many Bogrim stepped up and came together to plan and create something special, that will go down in history.

The message was simple. Approach this situation as if it was to be a book one day. A book full of stories of how the madrichim of Habonim Dror Southern Africa pulled off the greatest Machaneh during the hardest of times. We have to write our own stories. Stories about how we stepped up, together as one and took the opportunity to create something special. In sporting terms we needed to show some BMT (big match temperament). Men against boys, and one day if it is to become a book, a fitting title for Chapter 1 would be ‘Together As One’.

A shoutout and appreciation to just a handful of the many others:
Shtilim — Jesse Blou (Rosh) and Tali Levin (S’gan); Bonim — Aaron Kruss van der Heever (Rosh), Gabe Marcus (S’gan) and Cara Biederman (S’gan); Amelim — Daniel Flaum (Rosh) and Ava Cohen (S’gan); Sollelim — Jemma Bagg (Rosh), Rose Zelezniak (S’gan) and Jeffrey Gutman (S’gan); Sayarim — Jesse Lees (Rosh), Kayla Vardi (S’gan) and Benji Joss (S’gan); Shomrim — Mira Rudnick (Rosh), Kerrin Baker (S’gan) and Orion Avenir (S’gan); Meyersdim — Shaye Levin (Rosh); as well as our VP. We salute you.
A quick update on our Fantasy Premier League ‘HDSA mini-league’ has Brynn Goldblatt in top spot on 651 points, followed by Jeffrey Gutman on 621.

To sign up for Machaneh Lachlom Mechadash, go to: https://www.habo.org.za/

By Brynn Goldblatt (Rosh Ken Cape Town)

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