Habonim – High hopes for 2022

The Cape Town 2022 Ken Va’ad Poel: Gina Levi (Rosh Bogrim), Brad Gottschalk (Rosh Channichim), Jared May (Rosh Ken), Kerrin Baker (Rosh Ken) and Maven Mendelovitz (Rosh Bogrim)

Habonim Dror Southern Africa has entered 2022 with anxious excitement. Following a tough end to 2021, with the cancellation of our Machaneh, the movement has kicked off what we believe will be a truly great year. We are the builders and, in many ways, our unofficial theme this year is rebuilding. The pandemic’s toll on the community is unquantifiable, and as members of the community, we have not been spared. Although the challenge of rebuilding is weighty, we face this challenge without fear or doubt. We know that we will overcome, coming out stronger than before, with the help of our loyal Bogrimot, as well as with the support of our community.

The challenge of rebuilding was echoed at the first meeting of the Hannagah Artzit (National Executive) at the Onrus campsite. The meeting was (as they always should be) one for the history books, full of debate, ideas, and at times strong disagreement. Habo magic was certainly hanging in the Onrus air.

In other news, HDSA is excited to have a four-member Mazkirut for 2022 with full-time members in both Cape Town and Johannesburg. Our Mazkir Klali for this year is Aaron Kruss-van Der Heever, an already well-known member of the Cape Town community who, unfortunately for us Capetonians, will be taking up residence in the Joburg bayit. However, we won’t be alone. Aaron will be supported by S’gan Mazkir Klali Jesse Lees, who will remain and work full time in Cape Town, whilst S’gan and S’ganit Mazrkirim Daniel Flaum and Mira Rudnick will work part-time in Joburg.

The Cape Town Ken will be led by Roshei Kenim, Jared May and Kerrin Baker. We will have two members fresh from Shnat, Maven Mendelowitz and Gina Levi, who will be living in the Cape Town bayit whilst fulfilling the tafkid of Roshei Bogrimot. Rosh Channichimot is well-known member of the Joburg community, Brad Gottschalk, who has moved to Cape Town after Shnat and is raring to engage with our Chanichimot.

After too long, we look forward to engaging face-to-face with our Channichimot by running events in both our Batim and on our beautiful campsite in Onrus. We have programmes planned in both South Africa and Israel, including the exciting Kaleidoscope (HABO 2020) event and hopefully a return to our annual Shorashim programme. We hope to see all of you as we once again experience the Habo Magic we long for. If you would like to know more about any events, do not hesitate to contact us.

To rebuilding atop the foundations left by those who came before us,
Aleh ve’Hagshem.
Jared May, Rosh Ken, Cape Town

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