SAUJS WC spreads hummus

Erin Dodo, SAUJS UCT Chairperson handing out hummus to UCT students during Israel Apartheid week, encouraging peaceful dialogue

On 21 March, South Africa celebrated Human Rights Day and reflected the atrocities of the Sharpeville Massacre which took place 62 years ago on that day.

As students belonging to the born-free generation, it is important for us to know about the horrific events that took place, so we can prevent them happening again. In this same week, SAUJS engaged in a counter-campaign to the BDS’s annual ‘Israel Apartheid Week’ where lies and deception about Israel are commonplace. SAUJS’ counter-campaign was ‘Heal Over Hate’ where we engaged in meaningful debate and conversations. Miss Iraq, Sarah Idan, joined us for a talk as well as two representatives from Stand With Us. The highlight of our week was an event we hosted on campus called ‘Spread Hummus Not Hate’ where we handed out free hummus, pita and shirts and welcomed students to talk to us. Overall, it was a fantastic event and an incredibly enlightening week.
— Erin Dodo

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