Aliyah versus Klita — and why both should win

The Cohen family landed at Ben Gurion Airport in July 2022, the first of three group flights from South Africa scheduled for summer 2022

By Chandrea Serebro

You’re making Aliyah. It’s a scary and exciting time. Your papers are filed, you’ve finally received police clearance, you’ve organised the lift. But what happens when you land? 

Too often, new Olim fail to plan past that beautiful moment when you kiss the ground as you land in Israel. But it’s crucial to ensure not only that you arrive in one piece, but that when you find yourself waking up to your shiny new life, it’s just as smooth. 

“We are first and foremost a Klita organisation,” says Dorron Kline, CEO of Telfed, “dedicated not only to easing the way into life in Israel but ensuring you arrive with realistic expectations for the most successful Aliyah possible.” “Preparation is crucial,” he says, “and Telfed offers free consultations with social workers, a Klita Advisor and employment advisors, before and after Aliyah, to help you with this.” 

“One needs to come to Israel with realistic expectations and have a solid Klita plan,” says Daniela Shapira, Klita Advisor. “Research which community will be right for you and your family. Telfed volunteers in different communities can give invaluable information about their community, schools, Anglo presence, shuls and more; all to help ensure your choices are in line with your vision.” Connecting with someone locally makes this easier, offering insights only a local can give you. “Telfed volunteers welcome new Olim and organise social events within their communities, helping social integration.”

There can be stressful moments — like finding new friends, finding your first job, and navigating your way — and Telfed’s expertise covers it all. 

“Aliyah is a complex process. We uproot ourselves from everything we know and face so many things at once bureaucracy, finding a job, finding a place to live, leaving our friends,” says Michal Merten, Career Counsellor. Her best advice is to gather as much information as possible… “preferably unbiased information to arm you with knowledge and tools for success,” and Telfed is there to help you get through those stressful first few months. “We’ll educate you about the job market in your specific profession and help you prepare an Israeli CV and a strong LinkedIn profile,” says Yael Strausz, Telfed’s employment advisor, “and above all, to network — the most important factor in finding a job and a social support system in Israel.” 

“Telfed will help you make connections with professionals from your field,” says Yael. 

“And the more people you know, the more likely you are to find a job, receive support and get a better understanding of how things work in Israeli society,” reiterates Daniela. 

Telfed has an extensive list of ‘professional buddies’ willing to support new Olim in their first steps in Israel, and is a community of like-minded Olim who together will help you fortify your new roots and build on them too. 

Telfed now offers free virtual Q&A meetings with Michal Merten to better prepare you for when you land, and to help your Klita process. Find us on Instagram or Facebook and get the best information from those in the know. All services are free of charge before, during and after your Aliyah and are not time-restricted — even second and third-generation Olim are eligible for free services.

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