August is women’s month

By Desrae Saacks, Editor Cape Jewish Chronicle

August is Women’s month, and this issue of the Chronicle is packed with stories of women young and old, past and present, who impress and inspire with their talents, strength and wisdom. 

Front and centre (literally and figuratively) is Miriam Lichterman, whom we recently lost just a few weeks short of her 100th birthday. (see pages 1 and 4 and here). Miriam was a true gift to our community, and her story of survival and thrival is an inspiration to us all to live in the present, trust the future and to value and invest in our heritage and community. 

Another Miriam also features on these pages — pages 16 and 25 (and here) to be precise — in Rabbi Matitiani’s fascinating column honouring the role of women in our tradition; and sharing some of the most inspiring women’s stories from our texts. Moshe’s sister Miriam plays an important role in the exodus story and emerges as a true leader. Read about her, and other iconic female characters who populate our Jewish story.  

On page 11 (and here) we join Kocosa in bidding  farewell to Esther Maizels who will be going on Aliyah soon, following decades of service to our community and, in the context of this particular article, as a founding member and the outgoing chair of Kocosa. 

On the same page (and here) we read of the women of WIZO making a difference; and on page 15, of Mensch Thought-leader of the month Barbara Nussbaum who uses music as a tool of healing and connecting. 

On page 18 (and here), United Jewish Campaign’s Jodi Scher appeals to us to be brave, and to harness our female power to protect and nurture our community. 

Two young women making their mark at Zeitz MOCAA are Herzlia matric students Michaela Perkel and Hannah Jantjies. Read about their exciting engagement in the field of visual art, and how they employ the medium to express, challenge and examine their reality (here). 

We meet soon-to-be-100-year-old Lily Singer, beloved matriarch and long-time resident of Sea Point, and read about her century on this southern tip of Africa (here). 

And between these stories of remarkable women are many more voices of the remarkable humans of all genders that make up our community, both local and global, sharing their thoughts, experiences and knowledge. 

The process of putting this publication together is a very organic one, and as much as I am responsible for collating and curating it, there is always a point along the way at which it comes to life and starts to acquire a life and substance, and assume a shape of its own. This issue is no exception, and I take pride in the collection of voices that fill these pages. 

Next month we will once again be printing, posting (physically) and posting (online) our annual Rosh Hashana issue. Best wishes until then.

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