Reconnecting Sephardi roots

Letter to the editor

I had the pleasure of visiting the South African Jewish Museum last month, with the American delegation of IBSI (Institute for Black Solidarity with Israel) PEACE Ambassadors, where I collected your publication’s current issue. Upon my return, I was pleasantly surprised to see the piece by Bonny and Debbie Feldman. (Into the heart of crypto-Judaism in Portugal, CJC December 22/January 23) I immediately contacted my friends, and highly esteemed colleagues, whom I have cc’d on this correspondence. 

After re-reading their opening, “As South African Jews of Ashkenazi descent, we have long realised that our education and life experience has not included much about our Sephardi brethren — their origins, their history and their trials and tribulations,” I felt compelled to reach out and connect you to the work that is being done to document, preserve, and restore the rich histories and cultures of the millions, globally, who have been impacted by and are reconnecting to that which was forcibly taken, and then concealed. 

First, I would like to introduce you to Genie Milgrom. Her story of discovery and return is beyond providential. Genie’s selfless, tireless, and profound work has made it possible for countless descendants of Conversos, to find glimmers of hope, whether that be in the form of re-connecting and having community, receiving recognition of Sephardic heritage, or making a full return to the traditions of our forefathers. You can read more at

Next, is Ashley Perry (family name, Perez). He is the former Director General at the Knesset Caucus for the Reconnection with the Bnei Anousim (descendants of the Spanish & Portuguese Jews in the Diaspora), and the President of Reconectar. You can see more at

Finally, please meet Michael Steinberger. Michael is the Founder & CEO of the Jewish Heritage Alliance. His organisation is the umbrella of all things relating to the ‘Saga of Sefarad’. Please see: 

Kindest regards,

Elizabeth C. Kincaid

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