Starting 2023 on a good foot

Nancy Krisch spoke to a group in Muizenberg.

As we begin a new year, we look forward to a happy, healthy year, and hope that it will be the best year ever.

This is especially applicable after the upheaval of the past couple of years. As our target market is 60-plus, aspirations for a special year should include ageing gracefully. 

We need to look at how to live our lives both physically and mentally. With knowledge, and the right care and attitude, we can ensure that this year and going forward, our lives can get better. 

Here are some easy tips to ensure that each one of us has the opportunity to age gracefully:

Look after your skin — as your body is covered by skin, it needs to be treated with care, to protect it from the harsh elements. When going outside, wear sunscreen and protective cover. Have regular skin cancer screening and stay hydrated.

Exercise regularly to maintain mobility, decrease the risk of disease, lower stress levels and improve sleep patterns and mood. We all enjoy different forms of exercise — walking, swimming, dancing, exercises to strengthen muscles or cycling. Even in moderation, this can achieve excellent results. It is important to remain active as being sedentary can predispose us to chronic illness and debilitating diseases.

Diet — ensuring that we eat healthily is the way to go if we want to age gracefully. Dieticians encourage a healthy amount of fruit and vegetables, lean protein, whole grain cereals, rice or pasta, and a good serving of dairy, especially including Vitamin D. We also need to include healthy fats (not solid fats for cooking). To prevent elevated blood pressure, it is important to reduce salt intake.

Mental Health: It is important to be happy as this lowers stress levels. Surround yourself with people who make you happy and cut out those who cause stress. It is a fact that we all age, and it is therefore important to accept this. We need to accept that ageing is a part of living. If we embrace it, we can enjoy the road.

Sleep is important for both mental and physical health, and is also great for healthy skin. Sufficient sleep lowers the risk of heart disease and strokes, decreases depression and lowers obesity while improving concentration and focusing ability.

Decrease stress levels by using relaxation techniques such as meditation, yoga, sleeping well and interacting with friends and family.

Smoking and alcohol have both been seen to cause accelerated ageing and risk of disease. It is always preferable to cut out smoking and keep alcohol intake to recommended levels. It is also important to drink water regularly, to hydrate and reduce signs of ageing. Water consumption improves energy, keeps your pores open as you sweat, rehydrates and allows easier bowel movements.

Hobbies increase enjoyment in life. They assist in widening friendship circles which increases endorphins and decreases depression. There are options to suit everyone.

Practicing mindfulness encourages us to live in the moment, assisting with ageing better, improving focus and memory, lowering stress levels and improving daily functioning. Ways to practise mindfulness include yoga, tai chi and meditation. By focusing with intention, you are able to concentrate and cancel negative thoughts.

Medical issues — it is important to have regular doctor checks and not to leave consultations until a crisis situation occurs. If you are concerned about anything at all, check it out. It is also important to care for your mouth by flossing daily, brushing your teeth at least twice a day and also using mouth wash regularly to prevent gum decay and teeth problems, which can in turn cause bacterial infections and cardiac problems if not detected or treated quickly.

This month sees the end of an era as we move from our home and office in Bellevue Road, Sea Point, to begin a new chapter with our Sea Point Centre now being in Albany Road with the Union of Jewish Women. Together we have completed some necessary renovations so that both organisations can function optimally. We look forward to an action-packed year, with new vigour from members and participation in all the functions we have on offer. Our other branches are up and running with the in-house programme catering for all, as well as great outings to suit everyone’s taste. Back on our agenda this year is our Goudini Break which is scheduled for October. It is most important that you indicate now if you are interested in attending, as we have to secure the accommodation. We will be drawing up a payment schedule so that the three-day trip can be affordable and enjoyed by everyone. Please contact your social worker if you are at all interested in this experience.

Lastly, CJSA is YOUR organisation. We welcome input and suggestions and love receiving requests, as this makes the planning of our programme so much more inclusive. Please submit your suggestions or requests. Please be proactive and pay your 2023 membership of R275. This is great value for what you receive in return.

Have a great 2023.

Diana Sochen
Executive Director

Social and Personal

We congratulate our members who have had joyous occasions during the last month.
Rabbi Greg and SR Andi Kuti Alexander – daughter, Yasi
Issa Werb – grandson’s barmitzvah
Engagement: Janice Bloch – engagement of granddaughter
Anniversary:  Dinky and Lester Braun – 60th
Special birthday wishes to: Harriet Baitz, Temma Gad
Welcome to new members: Jill Lewin, Marion Lewis, Cheryl Salkinder, Bette Schlosberg, Jean Rudolph Zaidel.
Well wishes to those who have been under the weather: Freda Tucker, Bennie Katzenberg. 
Our wishes of strength to members who have recently lost loved ones: Pauline Leeuw – mother Doreen Bloch

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Admin: Amanda, 021 434 9691,
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