Old habits die hard

West Coast Members enjoying tea at Cafe Riteve

How easy it is for us to become set in our ways we each have ways in which we prefer doing things even when what we are doing irritates those near and dear to us. 

Habits become a way of life and to change them, it is essential that we understand the part that Attitude Awareness has to play.

When you begin a task, your attitude at the beginning more than anything will determine your success or failure in that task. Your attitude towards life determines life’s attitude towards you. Life has no favourites, despite many people’s belief to the contrary.

If you are negative, it is because you have decided to be negative, not because of other people or circumstances. You control your attitude and, before you can develop a good attitude, you have to act as if you have a good one. Remember: actions trigger feelings just as feelings trigger actions. Treat everybody as the most important person in the world and watch how your life changes.

Attitudes are based on assumptions. In order to change attitudes, one must first change one’s assumptions. How important it is to have more reasons as to why you should succeed than why you should fail. When you are faced with a problem, it is far better to adopt the attitude that you can and will solve it.

Control your thoughts and you will control your life. In this way it is easier to become what we think about. If you radiate confidence and the being of a person who knows where he is going, more often good things happen to you right away. Most importantly, in order to develop a good attitude, take charge first thing in the morning.

Success or failure of any undertaking is caused more by Mental Attitude than by Mental Capacity. It is not what happens to you in life that is important, it is how you take it that determines the importance.

We recently hosted our welcome evening at our new home that we are sharing with the UJW in Albany Road and, even though it was a great evening where we were able to host those who had played a special role in facilitating the move, it was evident that the attitude of many of our invited guests came into play. Many invitations were not heeded or responded to, but more disappointing were the 23 guests who had responded, but chose, for whatever reason, not to attend the evening without tending an apology. Each person invited had been chosen for a reason, catering was provided and, without a doubt, it was most disappointing as we are proud of our new venue and really wanted to showcase what we now have to offer. Hopefully, those invited will still pop in as we would like to showcase the centre to them.

We spend a great deal of time planning the weekly in-house programme for each branch as well as an extensive online YouTube programme for your leisure viewing at home. There are many different documentaries, movies and shows that can be enjoyed during the long cold winter days and evenings.

Have an enjoyable month – stay healthy and warm.

Diana Sochen
Executive Director

Social and Personal

We congratulate our members who have had joyous occasions during the last month.
Birthday wishes: Rahle Kuritzky – 90th, Hennie Bernstein – 93rd
Engagement: Edie Schneider – Grandson
Marriage: Hannah Sofer – Grandson, Rochel Winer — Grandson

Welcome to the new members: Lorraine Levitan, Felicia Janks, Alic Cluch

Well wishes to those who have been under the weather: Charlotte Berson, Harriet Hoffman, Carrie Clift, Sandra Cohen, Harold Friedman and Trevor Lomofsky — all recovering 

Our wishes of strength to members or family of members who have recently passed away: 
Nat Yamey – passing of his wife and CJSA member, Ettie
Darren Feldman – Father
Doreen Payne — Son

Another active month for CJSA

Sonia Norrie at the Art Gallery

Cape Jewish Seniors Association
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Admin: Amanda, 021 434 9691, admin@cjsa.org.za
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