New SA Jewish Museum director invites input from the community

The South African Jewish Museum wants to hear from you. Andrew Goldman, the newly appointed director of the Museum, brings new ideas, but he also wants to know what you would like to experience at Cape Town’s Jewish Museum.

“We have one of the world’s best Jewish museums, but we need the community to be more involved and speak up. We need to hear what kinds of programmes and exhibits you think are important to include in our museum,” says Goldman.

Over the last ten years the South African Jewish Museum has hosted many outstanding exhibitions. Indeed, ‘Memories of Muizenberg’ closed recently, but not before drawing record crowds and words of praise from across the country and the world.

Back for a final run, ‘The Glory of the Game, Rugby and the Jewish Springbok Minyan’, which also drew large numbers. This world class exhibit highlights Jewish contributions to South African rugby and in particular those of Morris Zimerman, Fred Smollan, Louis Babrow, Okey Geffin, Cecil Moss, Wilf Rosenberg, Joe Kaminer, Syd Nomis, Alan Menter and Joel Stransky, who made up the ‘Springbok minyan’.

“We have fabulous exhibits, a lovely shop and an outstanding kosher/vegetarian restaurant,” says the director enthusiastically. “The museum is already a great family outing, but we can do much more, and the museum staff is eager to look at new ways to engage the community.”

“Think outside the box,” he urges. “Activities can be educational, musical and theatrical, and can target any age group.”

“The Old Shul, which is both the museum’s entrance and a lovely concert venue, may have the best acoustics in the province. Klezmer concerts held there last month were the most beautiful I ever heard,” said a visitor who attended both of them.

In addition to more special events, Goldman plans for the museum to expand its outreach to school children, teaching them about South African Jewish history and culture and making their day at the museum a memorable outing.

“Nothing makes us happier than seeing children in our halls, Goldman adds. “Please tell us the kinds of messages you would like us to be passing on to children.”

He invites readers and their children to email your ideas to him at or post them to the museum at 88 Hatfield Street, Gardens.


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